Utility Contracts

We assist you in arranging utility contracts and coordinating any installation: internet, telephone, tv cable, etc

Translation / Facilitation

Translation and Language Services

High level proficiency for translation and writing related to business matters, forms and miscellaneous documents in Spanish, English and French.

Banking Assistance

Should you wish to open an Ecuadorian bank account, arrange your internet banking to transfer funds, or just need assistance to deposit a check, we will accompany you to smooth the process. 

Doctor appointments

We make the appointment for you at your convenience and accompany you to ensure total understanding.


The RUC (Registro Único de Contribuyentes) is required in Ecuador, should you wish to carry out an economic activity. According to your business, the SRI (tax office) will assign you with an identification number. We will assist you reviewing the required documents and accompany you to the SRI office. 




Foreigners residing in Ecuador have the right to work and to have access to the social security system. Their monthly payments will be calculated based on the real income declared at the time of obtaining their residency.

When the resident works for an employer their monthly payments (to IESS) will be calculated based on their salary.

We provide assistance for your personal affiliation to the Ecuadorian Social Security (IESS) or local / foreign health insurance.

Other health insurance companies

Should you prefer a private health insurance, we arrange the contract  with Ecuadorian private Health insurance companies: Ecuasanitas / Salud and Foreign private Health insurance company.