Tourist Visa Extension:

Apply for a 90-day extension to the tourist visa received on your passport upon arrival to Ecuador.

Temporary Residency Visa:

Apply for a 2 year temporary residency visa. The types of visas available are the following:

Retirement Visa:
Intended for retirees who receive a permanent retirement monthly income of at least $800 per month plus $100 per dependent.

Pensioner Visa:
Intended for individuals who receive a permanent monthly income from any source of at least $800 per month plus $100 for each dependent.

Investor Visa:
Intended for investors of at least $27,020 dollars for a minimum of 370 days plus $500 per dependent in either Real Estate or a Certificate of Deposit.

Student Visa:
For students of elementary school, high school, undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

Professional Visa:
For professionals with university degrees recognized by the Ecuadorian Ministry of Education (Senescyt).

Work Visa:
Intended for people who work for either a private company or public organization in Ecuador.  

Permanent Residency Visa:

Apply for an indefinite dependence residency visa and cédula (national ID):

Dependence Foreign - Ecuadorian:
an Ecuadorian citizen must request this visa for his foreign spouse, children, parent, grandparent, or sibling.

Dependence Foreign - Foreign:
A foreign resident who has an approved 9-I; 9-II; 9-III; 9-IV; and 9-V visas can request this visa for his/her children, parent, grandparent, or sibling.

Cédula (National ID):

Once you receive your indefinite residency visa you must apply for your cédula within 30 days. It is the most important ID in Ecuador and the final step of the entire visa process.

We can assist you to obtain your cédula in Quito, Guayaquil or Cuenca.

Ecuadorian Citizenship:

Intended for individuals who have been residents of Ecuador for three years and would like to apply for dual citizenship. 

A foreigner who is married to an Ecuadorian or has a registered civil union for two years with an Ecuadorian may apply for naturalization. 


Legal Services:

  • Marriage License Registration in Ecuador
  • Visa Transfer to a New Passport
  • CD Renewal (Investment Visa)
  • Visa Registration
  • Diploma Registration in Ecuador
  • Notarial Services 
  • Power of Attorney
  • Ecuadorian Will
  • Property Sale

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